How to choose an SEO company

How to choose an SEO company

How to choose an SEO company

Not all SEO companies are born equal.

Handing over control of your website to a good and trustworthy SEO company can be one of the best decisions that you make for your business, SEO companies have the power to boost your business’s profits, craft and effective online profile and bring in more customers.

The difficult part is finding a good SEO company. How do you know who to trust? If you get this step wrong, the effects can be devastating. Effectively you’re handing over control of your website and possibly your livelihood, so if your SEO company doesn’t know what they’re doing, they can destroy your website’s rankings and any future prospects of your website ranking highly, as well as this they can get you blacklisted in the eyes of Google in the process. Not good.

Luckily though In Focus SEO can help you steer clear of these pitfalls by teaching you how to weed out some of the bad SEO companies out there.

Ask about Google updates and what they mean for search engine optimisation techniques

Over the past few years Google has released several updates to their search engine ranking algorithms, these have shaped and changed how the SEO industry works. These complex algorithms basically decide which websites should come first in their search results. Your SEO company should be able to explain what these updates are and how they affect the work that they carry out for you. Although you yourself may not know the ins and out of these updates, the essentials for you to know are that Google has emphasised the need for good quality content rather than quantity of back-links, while also punishing shadier tactics such as building spammy back-links to your site from low quality sources.

Ask about Google penalties and how they can effect you

If your SEO company doesn’t know about Google penalties and how to avoid them, do not work with them. Penalties have come as a result of the updates mentioned above, if an SEO company is using tactics to rank your site that Google doesn’t like, then there is a strong chance that your website could be penalised for this. This can have a severely negative effect on your search engine rankings. To avoid penalties your SEO company needs to know about them, so make sure they do.

If you’ve already incurred such penalties, a good agency will be able to investigate your problem and tell you exactly why. This can allow them to rectify the issues.

Ask exactly how your SEO company builds back-links to your site

There is a lot of information on the Internet about building back links, a lot of this information is outdated and a large part of it just plain wrong. A good SEO Company will place emphasis on building a quality content that is engaging to its readers and naturally attracts links to your site.

You should always avoid working with a company that uses spammy techniques such as posting links on random forums and submitting your website web directories, which can often do more harm than good. Google is increasingly cracking down on low quality link building, so a good answer from your SEO company here is essential.

Ask them what tools they use

The only tools an SEO company should be using are ones that track their progress and analyse visitor traffic. If they’re using automated tools for content generation or link building then you should not choose not work with them. These are the hallmark of a low quality SEO company.

Does your SEO company promise the Earth?

This is another indicator of a poor SEO company. If they’re giving you guaranties of the number one spot for a search term, run the other way!

No one can promise the number one spot. This is highly dependant on the competition, while companies can promise to rank you highly and having assessed the competition thoroughly can suggest a probability of how far up your site is likely to rank, this top spot is a false promise.

Be cautious

By asking the above questions when searching for an SEO company you stand the best chance of landing yourself someone dependable. It is important to have a close and trustworthy relationship with your SEO specialist, after all they’ll be working with you for a long period of time to help your business grow, you need to know you can depend on them.

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