Using video to boost your SEO campaign

In Focus SEO using video to boost your search engine rankings

Using video to boost your search engine rankings

When carrying out an effective SEO campaign, it important to add more than one form of media to reach your customers and make you look good in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Many people have realised the importance of blogging and creating text based articles to raise the profile of their website, however many businesses neglect to use videos for this purpose. Not only does the use of vide make you a professional in the eyes of your customer but since Google’s acquisition of YouTube, videos have had an increasingly important effect on search engine rankings.

You may have increasingly noticed that video results are becoming far more prominent within Google searches, regardless of what you’re searching for. Now doing a search for a term such as ‘SEO training courses Manchester‘ you are likely to encounter a video as well as a text based result.

This is due to the fact that Google has realised that videos off and engaged users far more than text based articles alone. This shift in On the importance of videos in search results means that Links coming directly from videosHave also become more important.

This means that there is a rich vein of back-links and promotion to be gained from the various video Promotion website out there. Businesses should not limit themselves to YouTube exclusively, Even though this is the most well-known video sharing site, but others such as Vimeo and Vevo should be used, even when promoting the same video.

By utilising multiple video sharing sites in this way, it makes your video and therefore the website that it links are pointing to look more popular and therefore important in the eyes of Google. This can lead to an increase in your search engine rankings.

These Websites often offer the ability to meta-tag and categorise videos which can be useful If attempting to boost the ranking of your website for specific terms.