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Welcome to the In Focus SEO Staffordshire, page. As a company based in Staffordshire ourselves we thrive on seeing other local business succeed, which is exactly what our SEO work allows them to do. We have businesses come to us from all walks of life, plumbers, accountants, solicitors, shops and so many more…and they all have one thing in common, they want more customers and more money. So we provide them with just that, it’s that simple.

So how exactly do we do this I hear you ask? Well we focus on boosting their website’s ranking on Google, so that their customers find them before they find the competition. In a nut shell, if your site ranks highly on Google’s search pages, then it will bring you in customers, if people can’t find it, then it wont.

Why is In Focus SEO Staffordshire so different?

Why work with us? What makes us different from all the other SEO companies out there? Well, not only are we run by a former Google employee who knows the ins and outs of this business but we focus exclusively on SEO. Most other companies provide SEO services as an ‘add-on’ and optional extra that’s tagged on the web development. Not us, we can offer cutting edge websites but our business is SEO.

So what exactly can In Focus SEO Staffordshire do for you?

Well, many of the people who come to us already have websites. We can either optimise your existing website to make it perfect to rank on Google, or we can provide you with a nice crisp new one…it’s your call. So we rank your website, bring in more customers and make you more money but what else do we do? We provide first class customer service. We know our reputation is staked on every single job we do, we provide our customers with a level of service that we would like other companies to provide us with. If our customers are happy, then we’re happy. For a free quote, why not call us on 01782 479433

We always keep our Staffordshire SEO customers in the loop and happy.

We know that good SEO can transform a business but don’t just take our word for it, have a look at this chart that shows just how important the number one spot in Google’s search results really is:-

SEO click through percentages

SEO click through percentages

Basically it demonstrates that if you’re ranked highly, then you’ll be getting the customers already searching for you and not your competitors.

So let’s break our SEO formula down in to steps:

Step 1, in our Staffordshire SEO process – ANALYSIS.

We get the scoop on your competitors sites…what key-words are they targeting? How did they get to the first page of Google? How many visitors are they getting? How many can you expect? How difficult is it going to be to reach the top? We answer all this for you and more.

Step 2 in our Staffordshire SEO process – WEBSITE OPTIMISATION

We either analyse your existing website and carry out/suggest the necessary changes, or if you wish we build you a brand new, beautiful and fully SEO optimised website that is ready to rank highly on Google straight out of the box.

Step 3 in our Staffordshire SEO process – OFFSITE WORK.

This step depends on consistent hard work. We employ our tried and tested SEO tactics to rank you highly within search engines and keep you there. It’s so important to get this stage right.

Some companies make this stage a dark art and never really tell you what’s going on, they often do things that can damage your site’s reputation and how it ranks. Or they don’t do much at all.

Not us though, we explain to you what our SEO is doing and why we’re doing it. We aim to establish you as an authority in your industry whether you’re a plumber, solicitor, doctor, electrician or a shop.

We work with Staffordshire businesses new and old

Our SEO work can establish businesses in Stafford. We know that as a new business, it can be tough to break into a market, well not anymore! Most searches for businesses these days are done via Google, this means that when we rank you on the first page you’ll beat the competition for business, whether they’re old or new. We can start off your business the right way with one of our beautiful, fully SEO optimised websites, or work with one you may already have.

We also work with established companies in Staffordshire, both big and small. These Staffordshire businesses often aren’t seeing the results they thought they would form their website but rather than writing it off, they’ve come to us for SEO in Staffordshire that will bring in new customers and get them more business than they ever thought possible.

So what are you waiting for? Call us for a FREE quote on 01785 503745 reach us at or fill in the contact for HERE.


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