Why choose our SEO course?

Whether you’re a business owner, a company employee tasked with SEO (search engine optimisation) responsibilities or someone looking to start a career in SEO, this course is for you.

Our one day SEO training course is taken by a former employee of Google who has worked first hand with the factors that go in to ranking webpages. He has direct experience of how Google scrutinises webpages, what they look for and exactly how they rank one page above another. As well as his knowledge of how websites are ranked, he also has extensive experience with local business websites ranking factors and how they differ from general search engine optimisation.

SEO has the power to make or break a business. Being able to execute a successful SEO strategy effectively can be the difference between a business that is struggling to turn a profit, to a thriving business that has more work than they can handle.

A lot of SEO information on the internet is outdated and very often, outright wrong. In Focus SEO’s 1 day SEO training course promises to provide up to date information that will take participants from zero experience to having the knowledge to be able to execute an SEO strategy that can rival the best SEO agencies out there.

We don’t hold back any secrets. Our course teaches you exactly how we do our work on a daily basis as well as the in-house tips and tricks that we’ve developed to rank websites highly.

We pack the day with case studies, useful strategies, recommended industry tools as well as the ability to ask questions and get advice on your own SEO strategies.

SEO training courses available

  • We offer specialist 1 to 1 training courses at your premises.
  • One day Group learning courses.


Section 1 – SEO training course overview

  • Learn What SEO is.
  • Understand getting SEO right is so important.
  • Understand the evolution of SEO, Google updates and how the industries techniques have had to change.
  • Learn about pay per click adverts vs organic Google rankings.


Section 2 – Getting technical

  • Learn how search engines rank and assess your site.
  • Learn website ranking factors.
  • Learn how to assessing your competition.


Section 3 – Keyword and search term planning

  • Understand how to carry out keyword research.
  • Learn how to get your keywords right.


Section 4 – Tracking your progress

  • Learn how to use Google Analytics to monitor your website.
  • Learn how to use Google Webmasters Tools.


Section 5 – On-site Optimisation

  • Learn strategies to optimise your website’s content.
  • Learn how blogging can boost your website rankings and get more customers.
  • Understand how to write SEO friendly and relevant content.
  • Learn how to use Google authorship to boost search engine visibility.
  • Learn how to use social media effectively on your home-page.


Section 6 – Link Building

  • Understand why link building is important.
  • Learn tried and tested methods for building links to your site.
  • Master promoting your website and avoiding Google penalties.


Section 7 – SEO for local businesses

  • Understand how local business SEO differs from general SEO.
  • Learn local business ranking factors.
  • Learn SEO strategies for local businesses.
  • Master ranking local business websites


Section 8 – Social Media

  • Understand Social Media’s influence on SEO.
  • Learn how to manage Social Media effectively.
  • Understand how to use social media to boost your website rankings.


Section 9 – Advanced SEO tactics

  • Learn advanced Link building strategies.
  • Learn advanced SEO strategies.


Section 10 – Summary of tools

  • Learn what essential tools that you need for effective SEO campaigns.


Section 11 – The future of SEO

  • Understand the future of SEO.
  • Learn how to protect yourself from future Google updates.



We offer SEO training course Manchester, an SEO training course Birmingham and SEO training course Staffordshire and throughout the UK contact us with any questions. We also offer 1:1 training sessions where we are able to come to your premises or a location of your choice.

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